Hi there! I am Fharnell Marshall, also known as The Admin Strategist™. I partner with leaders to identify and implement back-office processes that increases their capacity to support their compassion and enhances their brand’s client/customer experience.


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How can I help?

Streamline your Processes

The Reconnaissance Assessment is a review of your current processes, programs, and projects to identify areas of opportunity to incite maximum optimization of effectiveness and efficiency.

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Administrative Skills

The Exec's Best Friend Mastermind is for administrative assistants, executive administrators, adjutants, and the like who serve high-performing leaders in the marketplace and in ministry.

Don't see the service you're looking for?

The Admin Strategist™ offers a number of a la carte services. Some of these services include, but are not limited to: Schedule Recalibration, Event Planning, and Project Management.

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Did you know that Fharnell's "3 Ways to Increase your Productivity" was featured in the Legacy Issue of Royal Ink Magazine.

Click the link below to read the article (pages 66-67) and get clear on changes you can implement today to increase your workflow.

Why work with Fharnell?

Automations, management tools & back-office protocol are just a fraction of what’s needed to obtain, retain & sustain your business revenue and serve a growing client base. Fharnell uses her signature system to identify & implement back-office processes that increases their capacity to support their compassion and enhances their brand’s client/customer experience. The Fharnell Factor℠ is a practical and relatable approach to administration that creates stability and sustainability for your organization’s processes, programs and projects.

Here's what some of my clients are saying...

The Admin Strategist™ has been instrumental in implementing a back-office plan, training and consulting our internal admin team, and is a pertinent piece to our external resource guide. Consulting with Fharnell makes for extremely efficient and effective use of our time-management and has made our transitional processes more manageable.

Strategic Marketing & Communications Expert

​Fharnell is an assassin in administration. She has a meticulous eye and foresight as it relates to details that is unparalleled. It's incredible. Sometimes I don't know if I'm talking to an "AI" or a human being because the details that she thinks of are incredible. She is passionate about her work but can be dispassionate, when necessary, to get the job done efficiently & effectively.

Multi-Campus Pastor

Every leader needs a liaison. Every head needs a helm. Every assignment needs assistance. For years, I've had the burden of birthing and building by myself. Here's the truth: although effective, it wasn't efficient. There was too much to remember and too much to accomplish. Something always felt the impact of that deficit whether personally, financially, mentally or physically. Having Fharnell as my executive administrator has shifted my ability to execute in excellence and operate out of overflow. Her keen sense of details and directives combined with her mastery in the area of structure reveals an almost intuitive grace of administration.

Execution Strategist

Are you an author, content creator or thought leader looking to repurpose and monetize your content? Get your FREE Course Creator's Toolkit today!